History of Soiland Company

Founded by Marv Soiland in 1962, Soiland Company is a second-generation family business based in Sonoma County. We manufacture and sell aggregate rock, soil, compost, and mulch products from our three locations: Stony Point Rock Quarry, Grab N’ Grow, and Soils Plus.

Marv Soiland was born in San Francisco in 1927 before moving to Santa Rosa a few years later with his family. After graduating at 16 from Santa Rosa High School, Marv spent a year at Santa Rosa Junior College before enlisting with the Navy during the last year of World War II. After returning from the service and completing his degree in Engineering, Marv was recruited to work for the construction equipment maker Caterpillar at their Peioria, Illinois plant in 1950. Within a year of working at Caterpillar he was assigned to sales and business development, traveling to various Army bases to train soldiers on using heavy equipment. However, the Navy called Marv back to service as the Korean War was intensifying in 1951. Armed with a letter of recommendation from Caterpillar, Marv went on to serve in the Navy’s construction battalions as a transportation officer on the USS Estes until 1954.

After serving his country, Marv and his growing family needed a place to call home. Instead of returning back to Caterpillar in Illinois, Marv set his sights on the North Bay and decided to return home to his roots.

Marv Soiland began his nearly 50 year career in Sonoma County in 1955, shoveling ditches by hand for the Santa Rosa underground utilities contractor, Hal Peletz. Only a short time later he had moved up to estimating for bids. But Marv’s biggest entrepreneurial break came in 1958 when he was part of the team laying miles of pipe under the new Peacock Gap golf course in San Rafael. The bonding company for the company he was working for at the time shut down the business mid-project, and Marv saw an opportunity to get the job done. He teamed up with small utilizes contractor and with just a pickup truck and purchase order book, Marv rented the equipment, hired the crew, and completed the job within two weeks.

Recognizing that he had a talent for getting the job done, Marv obtained his C-36 pipeline contractor license from the state and a type A general engineering contracting license in 1961. And January 1962 with one employee, no owned machinery, and $3,000 of seed money, Marv started a construction company that eventually grew to 200 employees during its peak in the mid-1980s.

As Marv’s pipeline construction company was growing, he was constantly dealing with local quarry supplies that were not up to his quality standards. So, rather than continue to rely on low quality aggregates, Marv purchased Stony Point Rock Quarry in 1973 with two business partners, before gaining full ownership in 1986.

Today, Soiland Company is operated by Marv’s youngest son, Mark Soiland, and includes three material supply locations in Sonoma County.

Stony Point Rock Quarry in Cotati serves as our corporate office and has been in operation for over 100 years. The quarry produces some of the finest basalt rock and innovative aggregate products for large construction projects in the North Bay.

Soils Plus was the next business to join the Soiland family of companies in 1999. Located up the hill from the Transfer Station in Sonoma, Soils Plus produces loam and custom blended soils for both large commercial landscaping and construction projects, as well as home and garden projects for homeowners.

In 2009, Soiland welcomed the newest member to the family, Grab N’ Grow Soil Products – a perfect fit for the company. Grab N’ Grow produced artisan high quality soil, compost, and mulch products, and is the oldest running soil yard in Sonoma County.

All three of our locations are happy to serve both homeowners and contractors alike, please call or visit any of our locations for more information on how we can help you complete your next project.