Soils Plus

Soils Plus joined the Soiland family of companies in 1999, and produces high quality aggregate, soil, compost and mulch materials for large commercial landscaping and construction projects throughout the North Bay. In addition to supplying our community’s needs for construction and landscape materials, we also carry many of our soil, compost, and mulch products in bags for gardeners and homeowners. Need a custom blended product to meet your nutrient or structural specification? We do that too, just give us a call and we can get you set up.

Our high quality products, including specialty items and custom mixes, are readily available for pick up at our yard, or we can deliver straight to your project site.

Additionally, if you have rubble material left over from a past construction or remodel project, please bring us your waste! In the last five years our two aggregate sites, Soils Plus and Stony Point Rock Quarry, have diverted over 500,000 tons of recyclable materials from landfills with our recycling programs, making Soiland Company one of the largest rubble recyclers in the North Bay.

At Soils Plus we accept clean concrete, porcelain (such as toilets and sinks), brick, tile, and rock from local homeowners and contractors and recycle them into sustainable, affordable products for our customers. For example, when a contractor or homeowner brings in their recyclable materials into the quarry we use various techniques to separate, screen, and process the material into products such as our 3/4″ Class 2 Recycle Aggregate Base.

We are conveniently up the hill from the Sonoma Transfer Station and just 10 minutes from downtown Petaluma and Sonoma. Our team is happy to assist all our customers in finding the right product for their next landscaping, gardening, or construction project. To learn more about our team in Sonoma and the products we have available, please click the button below.