Grab N’ Grow

Grab N’ Grow became part of the Soiland family of companies in 2010, but it this special place has been a fixture in Sonoma County since 1960 when a horticultural genius named Julious Gonisor started the very first soil yard on a sunny little piece of land in west Santa Rosa.  Julious made Grab N’ Grow famous by perfecting specialty, hand-crafted blends for local nurseries and home owners. We still have all of Julious’ old recipe cards, some for nurseries that don’t even exist anymore! We keep the framed cards as a testament to Julious’ talents in the garden and his love for Sonoma County agriculture.

Today, even though Julious is no longer with us, Grab N’ Grow is still operated with his spirit and love for quality soil in mind. When Grab N’ Grow joined Soiland Company we were able to expand its offerings to include organic compost and mulch products, helping us make a wider selection of high quality products available to Sonoma County gardeners, landscapers, and contractors.

In addition to bulk products, we also carry many of our soil, compost, and mulch products in 1.5 CU FT bags for smaller garden needs. Need a custom blended product to meet your nutrient or structural specification? We do that too, just give us a call and we can get you set up.

All our high quality products, including specialty items and custom mixes, are readily available for pick up at our yard in Santa Rosa, or we can deliver straight to your home or garden site.

Additionally, if you have recently done any brush clearing, tree pruning, or just general yard cleanup, please bring us your waste! Grab N’ Grow continues to recycle over 80,000 cubic yards of organic materials each year and divert them from going to a landfill. 30,000 yards of that is green waste, brought to us by residents, landscaping companies and tree services from all over Sonoma County. The other 50,000 yards comes from agricultural products, including grape pomace from wineries, apple pomace from canneries, cow manure from dairies and horse manures from ranches.

We take these products typically viewed as “waste” and upcycle them into high-quality, organic products for gardeners, landscapers, and contractors alike. Please visit Grab N’ Grow’s website for more information on what materials we accept at our yard.

For more information on Grab N’ Grow’s hand-crafted, high quality soil, compost and mulch offerings, please click the button below.